Accurately Mimic In Vivo Conditions

We help researchers more relevant research models of human biology, easily and effectively, 

with a clinically relevant system of natural materials and customized structures.  

Meet our Scientific Team

Are you looking for a more physiologically relevant model for your laboratory tests, or a reproducible environment for your in vivo trials?

At Particle3D, we are committed to meeting your specific research needs to help you make the most of your research funding. Therefore, we are always available to discuss how our natural, 3D printed scaffolds can bring value and process optimization to your research.


What are the P3D Scaffolds? 

 P3D Scaffolds are bioceramic scaffolds for cell- and bacteria studies, tissue engineering, disease modeling, and drug screening. The natural, 3D printed structure is designed to mimic the architecture and complexity of the tissue to allow you to create more relevant tissue- and disease models that capture the complex interplay between various cells.

The scaffold can also be used to test new therapies in lifelike structures wherein drug perfusion is uneven and where bacteria and cancer cells may hide in pores. This  allows for a more realistic testing that is more likely to yield results when subsequently translated.  


Advance your research with

Easy-to-use 3D cell culture and drug screening systems     |    Clinically relevant environment
  Directly translate from in vitro to in vivo    |    Fully customizable to your research needs    |    100% polymer free

Cutting edge research 

uses cutting edge technology

P3D Scaffolds can be used as predictive in vitro models of human physiology and pathology as well as in vivo. Using the same natural material and 3D structure across  research methods secures optimal conditions to obtain accurate and reproducible results.

The products are for pre-clinical research use only.

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